Paintings to round out 2016, Friends, Family, Dreamscapes, Costumes

acrylic paintings, contemporary art, figurative painting

Dear Dreamers, Liars, Truth-seekers, etc.,

Whatever the new year brings, let’s never stop creating…

Hereby, some latest efforts … friends and family and pets and all things lovable


“German Visitor,” acrylic, 46″ x 12″


“Tamed Radicals,” (Postdam), acrylic, 40″ x 40″


“Hudson River,” acrylic, 45″ x 35″


“Overlook” (Winter Solstice”), acrylic, 45″ x 25″



“Digital Street,” acrylic, 26″ x 40″


“Overlook,” (Summer Solstice), 23″ x 40″


“Family Discussion,” acrylic, 40″ x 20″


“Matrix,” acrylic, 32″ x 28″


“Statue of Liberty,” acrylic, 44″ x 32″


Abstract art = wallpaper

abstract art, acrylic paintings, contemporary art

Abstract art was revolutionary a century ago… but what about now?

Sorry, but I see it this way: abstract art = designers’ showcase. Easy on the eyes, easy on the color scheme of the room. I flunked out as an art major in college because I refused to do any abstract. I’m sure my professors meant well. (I dropped painting and became a writer instead.)

Now that I’ve started painting again, I keep some store-bought canvases (I usually stretch my own) as my garbage bins. Whenever I have some excess paint on my brush, I smear the garbage bin canvas with it.

Some results: (One is inadvertently figurative, eh?)

Gutelius, Left Over, acylic on canvas, 24 x 24 jpgGutelius, Superstore Pastoral Landscape, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24Gutelius, Supermarket tic tac, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24