Talk about a strange trajectory. When something goes, something remains.

I drew and painted throughout my childhood but I also danced and swam and wrote poems and mucked around in mud. Hero(ine)s: Martha Graham. Sylvia Plath. No women artists.

I tried college as an art major, flunked out, switched to comparative literature (German/ French).

Lived in Berlin and worked as an art critic for the Christian Science Monitor.

Spent (the following) decades wearing the masks of writer — poet, reviewer, playwright.

But at the end of 2014, something very weird happened. Inexplicable, a little bit miraculous.  I wasn’t having fun being a writer. Theater bored me. Poetry — so many great poets, but I’m not one of them. Everything so changed. 

One day to the next I suddenly yearned to try on the mask of “artist.” 

Since then — as if I’m making up for lost time — I’ve drawn and painted over 400 works and I’m focused full-time on them, obsessively. 

The human figure is usually my starting point. The sheer vulnerability of being human. The innocence in all of us. And whatever is elusive…

a memory, a mood, a sensation.


2015 Saugerties Artists Studio Tour (come one, come all!) August 14, 15

2015 Juried group show, Lev Shalom Gallery, “The Human Spirit,” curated and judged  by James Cox, James Cox gallery, Woodstock, NY.

2015 Aedra Fine Arts and Jersey City Division of Cultural Affairs (Antique Store and School Days), Jersey City, NJ

2015 Trolley Car Bar, 3 paintings, Jersey City, NJ

2015 Juried group show, Lev Shalom Gallery, Woodstock, NY, curated and judged by Art Times publishers

2015 Group show at Opus 40 museum, Saugerties, NY. (pending in August)

2015 Group show at Kiersted Historic Museum, Saugerties, NY

2015 OnSite Gallery, juried group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY, curated and judged by managing editor of Art News

2015 Gallery G25N juried group exhibition “Dreams” (June)

2015 Gallery G25N juried group exhibition “Red” (August)

2015  2nd prize in juried group show “Works on Paper” in RHCAN, Red Hook, NY

2015 Eight paintings exhibited at NOBO Gallery, Hudson, NY.

2014 “More News” (drawing), published in HEAart Journal, a sociopolitical magazine of the arts.


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