2020: Roman Elegies, graffiti, and…


May we all enjoy 20/20 vision as we enter a new decade. During 2019 I concentrated on my Roman Elegies series (many of the paintings were sold) in response to a return trip to Rome, one of my favorite cities and surely the most magical, but also a sorely tainted kingdom haunted by silent screams. But nothing is stationary and as usual I explore the constant, energizing flux of  opposites — clarity/mystery, place/displacement.

16 x 24 Roman elegies.jpg

24 x 24 Ghosteen.jpg

24 x 16 graffiti 1.jpg

24 x 16 gra.jpg

16 x 24 rom1.jpg

36 x 12 new.jpg

Josepha 20 x 16 art.jpg

55 x 10  3 panels.jpgFIRST STRREETgutelius_josepha_3.jpg24 x 16 Angels Fall.jpg



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