“Truth Out” art show and Wolf of Wall Street

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One recent work “Wolf of Wall Street”

and installation photo from “Truth Out: current controversies, historical injustices”– group show curated by Rosary Solimanto and Jean Tansey, Unframed Artists Gallery, New Paltz, NY


Installation view, “Truth Out”


“Wolf of Wall Street” acrylic, charcoal, pastel, 49 x 34 inches


New Paintings

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Gutelius, 26 x 19, Push to Open jpg

Push to Open, 26 x 19 inches, acrylic on canvas

Gutelius, 20 x 17, Watch

Watch, 20 x 17 inches, acrylic on canvas

Gutelius, 19 x 15, Marilyn at Walmart

Marilyn at Walmart, 19 x 15 inches, acrylic on canvas

Gutelius, 26 x 20, My Girl

My Girl, 26 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas

Aesthetica, John Keane


Aesthetica is a glossy cultural magazine reminiscent of the exquisite glossies that came out of Switzerland’s connoisseur closets in the 80s. Aesthetica’s grand annual art prize is one I was considering applying for, until I saw the extraordinary prize winners of the past, including the ueber extraordinary (how can I resist super-superlatives?) John Keane.  Recently, Keane has been taking off where anti-pop Gerhard Richter started in the 60s — the richly monochrome portraits. Richter has reportedly disowned those figurative works – why oh why? Or perhaps that’s only a rumor or perhaps only a passing mood of Richter’s.  Richter’s mesmerizing portraits of family, friends, and his stark, terrifying portrait series of Baader Meinhof: does he really not appreciate…?  

For me, who’s been eagerly awaiting Richter’s return to the figurative, there is John Keane as a perfect haunting. Not as quietly outraged as the young Richter was, Keane is exploring a vast dark tunnel into global suffering — while also exploring a brilliant range of painterly techniques. Beauty and terror become sublime. Actually, I imagine Keane is not afraid of anything. 

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